How to Trade in ExpertOption

How to Trade in ExpertOption


We provide fastest trading using modern technologies. No delays in order executions and most accurate quotes. Our trading platform is available around the clock and on weekends. ExpertOption customer service is available 24/7. We are continuously adding new financial instruments.

  • Technical analysis tools: 4 chart types, 8 indicators, trend lines
  • Social trading: watch deals across the globe or trade with your friends
  • Over 100 assets including popular stocks like Apple, Facebook and McDonalds
How to Trade in ExpertOption

How to Open a Trade?

1. Choose asset for trading
  •     You can scroll through the list of assets. The assets that are available to you are colored white. Click on the assest to trade on it.
  • The percentage determines its profitability. The higher the percentage – the higher your profit in case of success.

All trades close with the profitability that was indicated when they were opened.
How to Trade in ExpertOption
2. Choose an Expiration Time and click "Apply" button

The expiration period is the time after which the trade will be considered completed (closed) and the result is automatically summed up.

When concluding a trade with ExpertOption, you independently determine the time of execution of the transaction.
How to Trade in ExpertOption
3. Set the amount you’re going to invest.

The minimum amount for a trade is $1, the maximum – $1,000, or an equivalent in your account currency. We recommend you start with small trades to test the market and get comfortable.
How to Trade in ExpertOption
4. Analyze the price movement on the chart and make your forecast.

Choose Higher (Green) or Lower (Pink) options depending on your forecast. If you expect the price to go up, press "Higher" and if you think the price to go down, press "Lower"
How to Trade in ExpertOption
5. Wait for the trade to close to find out whether your forecast was correct. If it was, the amount of your investment plus the profit from the asset would be added to your balance. If your forecast was incorrect – the investment would not be returned.

You can monitor the Progress of your Order on the chart
How to Trade in ExpertOption
Or in the Deals
How to Trade in ExpertOption
You will receive the notification about the result of your trade when it is finished
How to Trade in ExpertOption

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How my profit is calculated?

Your profit from a trade can be up to 95% of the investment amount. Profit depends on current situation of the market.

What is the minimum amount that I can invest?

The minimum amount to invest in a single trade is $1.

Are there any commissions upon making transactions with my trading account?

Our company does not take any commissions on your transactions. But such commissions can be taken by the payment systems or payment aggregator.
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